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Every now and again, we have the great fortune of featuring a guest blogger from the industry. Today, bootstrapping entrepreneuer Monica Juravlea shares her inspiring story of pulling up stakes in Romania to make her fortune in London. Enjoy!

Since I was a kid, I’ve had this dream that I will be BIG one day and felt that I am here to do something special, I am on a mission.

I guess this comes from my family background, where we talked a lot about God with my parents and grandma. I grew up listening to the miracles that God has made in my parents’ lives and knowing you cannot resist His power. So, of course, I felt and still feel I am His servant and my “job” is to be happy, be whatever I want to be, help as many people as possible, reach out to thousands and millions of people.

So from a very early age, I was building in my mind images of me being successful, being on the Billboard, being an actress and singer :-) — everything that will lead me to millions of people.

I come from Romania, a communist country, where everything was controlled by the Dictator. As a child I didn’t like school, I didn’t like the educational system, or teachers (very few teachers I liked), and as I grew older, I could see there was nothing for me in my home country, I could not achieve my BIG dreams, so I finally emigrated to the UK when I was 23 years old.

Living in London has been a huge change, and even though I felt scared and lonely, I knew I was going to get through things, no matter what. I hated my job, so I decided to start a business, which I did three years ago. Today, I have my own cleaning business and it is doing well.

By chance, I was introduced to network marketing. Mesmerised by its potential, I signed up with my eyes closed ;-) Even though that first opportunity didn’t work out, I decided to not give up on network marketing as I truly believe this is one of the best business models.  Today, I am with a good company.

There are two things I have learnt in my MLM journey so far:

  1. Always look beyond. As business people, our path to success isn’t ever a straight one. If you look beyond all of that, you will find some magic will happen, you will grow in strength, meet the right people, and things will fall into place. You will be able to get through the fire, through the storm and eventually reach your destination: SUCCESS.
  2. Your start in this business might be very slow.  But no matter what happens, you must have VISION. This will keep you alive, this will guide you through and help you to keep perfecting yourself, until you reach your ultimate goals.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my story and have learned something you can apply in your own journey. Please visit me online at  www.mlmdream.co.uk.