MLM Marketing: How Facebook Expert Michelle Alpha Does It

MLM Marketing: An Interview with Facebook Expert Michelle Alpha

Recently, I had the tremendous good fortune of interviewing MLM Marketing pro Michelle Alpha about how she achieved her meteoric success in network marketing. If you haven’t heard of Michelle and her MLM marketing track record, take heart, as it’s only a matter of time.


MLM Marketing Michelle Alpha

MLM-Marketing pro Michelle Alpha likes Facebook, and from the looks of it, the feeling is mutual!


Michelle is on the Leader Boards of My Lead System Pro, is considered one of the savviest Facebook marketers online today, and is quickly climbing the ranks of Numis Network, an MLM that is turning the world of network marketing upside down.

She’s also a wife and a mom (and, if you’re following her Facebook page as the playoffs progress to the World Series, a HUGE Texas fan… but we’ll let that slide) who determined not too long ago that she wanted more for herself and her family.

MLM marketing proved to be that something else.

I am inspired by Michelle and all that she has accomplished in such a short amount of time. If you’re new to “MLM marketing”, or just need a shot in the arm to rededicate yourself to your business, have a look at what Michelle has to say about where she is today, how she got there, and what envisions for her future.

You’ll be so glad that you did.

MLM marketing: How Michelle did it.

PS: One of the greatest things about MLM marketing is that it gives us a chance to earn an income simply by interacting with people — something that comes naturally to many women. But all too often, people forget that the most important aspect to social media marketing is the being social part.

How do you strike a balance between making friends online and closing sales?

MA: Great question! When I started MLM marketing online, I dove into marketing on Facebook. It was not very long after that I realized, Facebook is a great place to socialize and stay up-to-date with your friends but doing business online was a whole different animal.

If I am making friends on Facebook, it has nothing to do with business and I don’t pitch my friends anyway. I keep this very separate.

In order to keep with a professional business presence on Facebook, I have a fanpage for that purpose. Typically, when one chooses to be a fan on my page, it is because they are looking for me to provide value and they are interested in what I am doing in terms of business. Therefore, it is really easy to separate. When I am on my fanpage I know it’s about building my business, providing value to my fans, and establishing myself as a leader in the industry.

For me, it’s really not that difficult to keep separate when you have a fanpage and personal page in place. I have never been one to make friends first in order to close. It’s all about attraction marketing in my business and having people come to me for mentoring.

PS: The MLM Lead System Pro Leader Boards are dominated by men these days. But with its flexible hours and work-from-home appeal, you would think that more women (especially stay-at-home moms) would be giving the men a run for their money.

Do you agree?

MA: I agree that the MLSP boards are dominated by men and for the most part the online MLM marketing industry is dominated by men. Offline, I believe there are more successful women in their network marketing companies.


Well, to be successful online you have to seriously, eat, drink, and breath internet marketing in the beginning for the automation process to kick in.

That requires a lot of 10-14 hour days.

The men who can achieve this are the ones who don’t have the responsibility of the kids, the dinners, the cooking, the shopping and so on. They are typically either a bachelor and have a ton of time or they are the breadwinner of the family.

Even though I am a stay-at-home mom of two and am on the leader boards, I had to practice those exact hours to achieve that kind of success. It really boils down to how much time you can put in to feed your want, drive, passion and most stay-at-home moms just don’t have that kind of time, especially if they have an income to fall back on (aka husband).

I truly feel you must feel your back against the wall type feeling with no other option to truly find that inner drive to be successful in this industry.

PS: What advice do you have for women in particular who are trying to build a home-based business while, at the same time, juggling school schedules, childcare, another job, etc., etc.?

MA: Whew… advice?

Sure: Pull a ton of all-nighters.

I know, that’s probably not what you wanted to hear but that’s the truth. Family first then any other free time you have HAS to go to this business. That means every single day you need to be spending at least two to four hours on your business and do it consistently if you want success.

PS: Rob Fore told me recently that, if he had to build his business up all over again from scratch, he would start with article marketing. What about you? What’s your go-to approach for steady, sustained growth in MLM marketing?

MA:  If I had to do it all over again, I would cry.  lol.

Okay seriously, I wouldn’t do it any different.

I love Facebook Marketing and what it has done for my business. I am incorporating article marketing into my business but that’s because I have the time now since my Facebook is pretty much on automation now.

I think there are many GREAT ways to market, what it boils down to is that you focus on one and master it. Put your blinders on and do nothing but that one method till you succeed.

PS: In the early days of being a network marketer, it takes a lot of perseverance and faith and trust in your mentors (if you are lucky enough to have them) to make it to profitability. How did you motivate yourself to keep going in that initial phase? Who were your mentors? How long did it take for you to begin bringing in more than you were paying out?

MA: That’s a great question, too.

I actually picked a mentor early on in my career who failed me and turned out to be dishonest.

Then I trusted in another person and same thing happened: dishonesty and backstabbing.

I found my very first real mentor by chance, who is now my good friend and still business partner.

Once I outgrew him, I partnered up with Mark Hoverson and I would say that was the turning point for me. I started working with Mark as my business partner and mentor in October of 2010 and started to immediately see a profit within four weeks.

Though, in the beginning, Mark didn’t give me any time.

I had to prove that I was worth his time and that is usually how it works in this industry, if you are going to jump up to a seven-, now eight-figure earner. You have to earn their time and I did by putting money in his pocket through sales of our product.

I reached him through my original mentor btw…  Once I “outgrew” or just needed a bit more, I starting working with Daegan Smith and Ray Higdon, both for very different reasons.

MLM marketing: Michelle’s Motivation

As far as motivation, my motivation everyday was that I knew this was what I wanted to do and the payoffs are what kept me going. Even the little ones, like someone thanking me for helping them or simply a compliment for what I was doing.

Don’t get me wrong — there were many times I wanted to quit but I refused and no matter how high the hurdle was, I hit it running hard and the reward of defeating it was even more motivation to move forward.

I once made a video on the ladder of success and realized going up looked a lot easier than climbing back down, and if you look at what you have done as your ladder and think of it in those terms you will find it easier to keep climbing up than going back down.

PS: What advice would you give to people just starting out in MLM marketing?

MA: Stick with it and keep your blinders on.

What I mean by that is, once you choose to work in this industry, choose one way to market and master it. Don’t focus on anything else but that one method you choose and stick with it for 100 days consistently to see success.

Work your business every single day. If you miss a day you can consider that three steps back instead of one step forward.

Work with successful people that will show you the social proof, work with someone who is available to you, and work with a team that has energy. Find someone you want to be like and follow in their steps.

PS: Now that you have achieved notable financial success in MLM marketing, what motivates you to keep going? Are your goals different now than when you first started out, or are they just bigger?

MA: My goals are definitely bigger now that I know there is more out there.

In the beginning I thought making $10,000 a month would be enough, then I started meeting guys who were making $50,000 – $150,000 a month and I started to think even bigger.

I think every goal I achieve, I see the next one and want more. Hitting these goals are what keeps me motivated to get to the next goal. Plus enjoying, more free time, financial freedom, my husband being able to quit his job, traveling and more luxuries in life are the things that keep me motivated to want more.

* * *

Michelle Alpha is a member of the Numis Network and she (along with Rob Fore and Ray Higdon, mentioned in the article) is one of the main reasons why Jerry and I left our primary MLM and joined Numis.

For exceptional tips, techniques, and training on how to use Facebook to earn money online, I highly recommend you become a fan of Michelle’s Facebook page.

For more information on the Numis opportunity, please click on the banner below:

Here’s to your success in MLM marketing.

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