MLM Training: How to 100 Percent Guarantee that You Fail Online

MLM training: – If you’re going to be effective in your MLM marketing efforts, you’re going to want to avoid the newbie mistake we feature in today’s tip.

MLM Training:  What to Avoid

Garbage posting. You see it all over the network marketing online community, including Facebook groups and fan pages, Twitter accounts, and blogs.

In fact, I see more garbage posts across the social networks than I do valuable content. That’s how prevalent they are.

MLM Training with Jerry and Pamela Schott

MLM Marketing is full of newbie mistakes, the biggest of which is spamming forums, Facebook walls and groups, and Twitter feeds with garbage posting. Learn from these mistakes with this MLM-training and you'll stand out from the crowd. Photo care of

That’s also one reason why most network marketers who don’t have proper MLM training fail in their  marketing online efforts.

Most of the time, my response to garbage posting is annoyance. I mean, no matter how many great MLM training industry leaders there are out there telling newbies to CEASE AND DESIST when it comes to spamming the social networks with useless content, they continue to do it.

Sometimes, though, I just have to laugh. Usually, those times are at the end of a long and busy week when I’ve been offering tons of MLM training and am already pretty fried.

If you’ve been busting your chops in MLM marketing this week and are in need of a good laugh, in this MLM training, I offer you my Twitter and Facebook feeds. I’m guessing that it looks a whole heck of a lot like your Twitter and Facebook feeds, so bear with me if you’ve heard this one before.

MLM Training: What not to do:

Ready? Here is a sampling of what showed up in my feed within the stretch of about an hour today:

Let me unravel to you how to collect 1,000 concerned followers every day to expand your online sales. You’re going to unravel to me. I… don’t even know what to do with that. And what’s this about concerned followers? I got enough stuff to deal with everyday, I don’t need concerned people following me around, thankyouverymuch.

Let Me Tell You, You Don’t Want to Miss Out on theses FREE Tools that are Essential to Running a Profitable Biz! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Free tools, blah, etc. Why should I care about the FREE tools? And why is every word capitalized?

Everyone is Talking About [Company XYZ's] FREE Business Building Toolkit!! Everyone? Really? Because I’ve had conversations all day long, and it never once came up. Strange.

Let Me Tell You, this Complete, Simple, Proven System will Explode Your Biz. Again with the weird capitalization. And I’m just not getting anything from this that would make me want to click the link. Why? Because Almost Everyone Else On Twitter Is Posting Something Similar To This To My Feed.

Everyone Knows my Excitement is Huge…I’d like to Give You This Valuable FREE Tool that I Found!! Um, yeah. No comment.

Strapped for cash this month?? These kinds of yes/no questions really miss the mark. If I’m not strapped for cash, I won’t bother looking at the link. If I am… Meh. You haven’t given me any reason to look, except for maybe just out of curiosity. But since my feed is full of these kinds of posts, I can guarantee you I’m not clicking through.

You Know How Everyone Wants More Money & Freedom to Live Life on Their Terms? I bet they are the same people who would, for just one day, love to see their Twitter and Facebook feeds full of useful information. I could be wrong, though.

Brand new business opportunity!  Fun! And, also? So what?

I want you to recruit me! I work for [edited to protect the company]… And I will try to recruit you back! Lets have FUN with this! Maybe we can all get a tip or two from this!! I am a hard worker I went Diamond in a year in my company.. So come and get ME!! Let’s see what your company’s got! Okay, I don’t even know where to begin with this one. You want me to try and win you away from your company, where you are a Diamond-level producer? This is actually a new technique that I haven’t come across before, so this guy gets props for creativity.

WARNING! DO NOT watch this presentation, if you don’t want to become wealthy! DO NOT watch it, if you don’t want to build strong and lucrative business for life! Ah, yes. Reverse psychology. Gets ‘em every time.

Simple money making opportunity be part of a dynamic group this will change your life. Punctuation will work miracles, too. Just a thought.

Had enough? The thing is, if you really want to succeed at “MLM training” (and set yourself apart from the pack), everything that’s out there needs to provide value. You need to be giving something to your visitors, adding something to their lives, just for coming into contact with you. These posts, above? They aren’t giving anything to you. They are asking something from you — three very valuable somethings, in fact:  your time, your attention, and — yeah, of course — your money.

MLM Training: Provide Value

It’s a fundamental misunderstanding of how this business works, and a mistake most who don’t get this kind of MLM training people make.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, MLM training for network marketing success is pretty easy when you really get that it’s all about providing value, being of service, and delivering more to your readers than you will ever ask of them.


Do you have a funny pitch you’ve come across in your social media? Share it in our comments section. We’d love to hear from you. Likewise, if this post helped you build a better business today, will you let me know?


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In addition, I encourage you to check out MLSP, or MLM Lead System Pro for more tools and MLM training for MLM marketing success than you can shake a stick at. Seriously. Do yourself a favor and see why these guys are dominating the world of online lead generation, it’s a great place to start for MLM training.

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