Jeremy Lin and the 3 Things I’ve Learned about Work-from-Home Success

Jeremy Lin knows a thing or two about basketball. That’s a given. But what does this

Chances are very good that Jeremy Lin's not thinking about building a business these days. Still, there are some very valuable lessons to be taken from his playbook.

Superhuman Phenom have to stay about building a successful work-from-home business? Little, if anything, is my guess. Still, there are a few lessons to be lifted from his playbook, and if you’re struggling to make working from home work, you’ll want to read on.

I’m not a basketball fan. Never have been, never will be. Give me a stadium by the Bay on a hot summer afternoon that will turn teeth-chattering cold once the fog has rolled in, the crack of a Louisville Slugger, and garlic fries all day long, and I’m in Heaven.

Plunk me down in an indoors stadium under ghastly fluorescent lighting with a bunch of really tall dudes running back and forth, back and forth, all. night. long. and… yeah. So not interested.

[Note that this is the personal opinion of one half of TeamSchott Management. The other 50 percent? He likes him some basketball just fine.]

But Jeremy Lin has caught my attention recently, and for all the right reasons.

Jeremy Lin: My Kind of Success Story

If you’ve spent any time at all building your own business, you know just how challenging it can be to get traffic, turn that traffic into leads, and then those leads into sales.

In the beginning, when you’re up against 500 million other websites (not an exaggeration — look it up), it’s only to be expected that you’ll feel like a voice crying out in the wilderness.

Or, you know, like someone who knows he’s really, really good at what he does but who’s eating his heart out on the bench, just waiting for someone to give him a shot. Literally.

Because I’m not versed in basketball terminology, and couldn’t even to begin to tell you what he’s done to get where he is today, I’m going to leave the explanation of Jeremy Lin’s recent rise to fame to Alexandra Petri of The Washington Post, who writes:

If you aren’t living under a rock where the ESPN reception is spotty, you have heard this before. It’s the tale of the 23-year-old Harvard graduate, unsought by Division I basketball recruiters, not drafted, benched by the Knicks until the 11th hour — and then unleashed, to score 136 points in five starts (more than anyone since the ABA-NBA merger, as our actual sports columnist points out) and lead the Knicks to a string of six victories.

For those making a go of being their own boss, working from home, and getting paid — handsomely — to do so, I offer the following Jeremy Lin Imaginary Playbook Tips for Small Business Success:

Jeremy Lin Imaginary Playbook Tips for Small Business Success #1: Be Great (Even When No One Else is Looking)

Look. You just don’t come into a highly-competitive game at the 11th hour and then score a ridonculous amount of points without being very, very unbelievably amazing in the first place.

Even I know that he obviously had the chops — long before anyone bothered to notice.

In the beginning, when you’re first building your work-from-home business, it’s pretty likely that not too many people are going to notice how great you are. But guess what? It doesn’t matter.

You need to be great anyway.

Because one day (probably when you’re least expecting it), someone will take notice. The switch will flip. And you’ll be called up to play with the big guys. Which means you gotta be ready.

That brings me to…

Jeremy Lin Imaginary Playbook Tips for Small Business Success #2: Suit Up and Show Up, Every Day

One of the main reasons why everyone (even NBA half-wits like me) knows who Jeremy Lin is because he was where he could be found when he was needed: on the bench, in uniform, warmed up and ready to go.

And hoo, boy, was he ever ready to go.

You’ve got to approach your business with the same mentality. That means suiting up and showing up, every single day. (I’ve written about this Jeremy Lin approach to small business success before.)

If you like article marketing, it means posting to your blog at least three times a week (and I recommend daily in the first three months so that you have content and a presence).

And that means original, insightful, and content that you’ve created on your own — not spun gibberish or something you’ve outsourced overseas to get done. (I mean, seriously? How can you establish your voice online when you’re not the one doing the writing?)

And if it means buying and placing ads, you’ve got to be writing eyeball grabbers that make it so irresistibly impossible for someone to not click on over to see what you’ve got going on, and you’ve got to be testing and tweaking those ads, like, all the time.

Which is a lot of work, any way you slice it.

And that brings me very conveniently to…

Jeremy Lin Imaginary Playbook Tips for Small Business Success #3: Get on the Right Team

The Knicks (finally) woke up to the incredible talent that they had in Jeremy Lin the night they used him as their last resort, and NBA history was made.

Thing is, though, Lin didn’t play that game alone, and he didn’t get as good as he did on his own, either.

Sure, he was born with talent. And good basketball genes. But from the beginning, he had a few advantages that helped him prepare for the big time — beginning with a family that supported his obsession, all the way down the line of coaches that taught him a thing or two about how to take his talent and make it something unforgettable.

If you’re going to succeed in your home-based business, you need to do the same thing. Find a team that supports you, your goals, objectives, and vision for a financial future. Work with people who know how to get results, and will provide you with the training you need to get there from here.

Not people that will hold your hand, but who will instead lock arms with you, and together build something bigger than anything you thought was possible.

That’s how we do with our team, and man, oh, man, does it make all the difference. (See for yourself, right here with this little thing we call Project- Prosperity 2012.)

“Jeremy Lin” Your Approach to Small Business Success

Ready to take things to the next level? Tear a page from our (imaginary) Jeremy Lin Playbook for Small Business Success, and then get out there. And if you’re looking for a team that will appreciate your talent, help you improve your game, and show you how you can finally make this year the year you earn crazy-good money from home, contact us today.

Because we’re ready to support you, every step of the way. You know, just like all those great coaches did down the years for Jeremy Lin.





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  1. Eric Goldman says:

    Hi Pamela
    Great article. Love how you took a successful athlete’s work ethic and applied it to home business. It does come down to perseverance, hard work and being part of a team way before fame.
    Thanks for sharing

    All the best

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